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We seek to understand the fundamental molecular causes for pain and diseases in order to facilitate targeted causal treatments.

Our research and technologies aim to address biomolecular main drivers for pain, tissue aging, and pathologies from various medical fields.

We pursue a comprehensive and physiological approach utilizing an orchestra of autologous mediators and thus, detaching ourselves from single-molecule treatments. In this manner, we choose the goal to restore natural balance and healthy conditions in diseased tissue.

Redefining Medicine. Making people happy again.

We want to provide sustainable, non-surgical, individualized treatment alternatives that engage the powers of physiological autologous principles to patients in need.

Fundamental questions that have driven our actions:


What are the causes of pain, aging and degenerative orthopedic diseases? Can there be a non-mechanical explanation placing biomolecular changes like inflammation at the heart of the problem?



Why are current treatment options limited?

How can we engage the body`s innate immune system and effective mediators?

What are the ideal components for a clinical program to manage tissue destruction, pain and functional impairment?


How can we relieve patient suffering? How can we better understand patients needs and provide them with the best treatment solution?



Our goal is to utilize intrinsic mechanisms of the immune system and mediators to not only suppress symptoms, but more importantly address fundamental molecular causes.

Julio Reinecke, PhD
CSO and Co-Founder of Orthogen AG

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