We are forerunners of orthobiologic therapies in veterinary medicine.

The musculoskeletal system of animals, especially companion animals such as horses or dogs as well as minor species such as mice and rats, is fundamentally similar to the musculoskeletal system of humans. Biomolecular changes underlying orthopedic diseases in animals and humans cause the same symptoms. This enables a transfer of knowledge and treatment approaches from human to veterinary orthopedics and vice versa.

Our approaches and technologies find application in clinical and experimental veterinary medicine and research for over 20 years. Animal models based on experimental (intrinsic and extrinsic) as well as naturally occurring disease protocols have been conducted. Achieved results led to deep insights on processes of disease progression and regeneration on clinical, cellular and molecular levels.

We successfully cooperated with dedicated, leading researchers of orthobiologics and regenerative medicine from the following institutions amongst others:

Our goal is to address the symptoms as well as the biomolecular and biochemical roots of the problem in a sustainable manner.

Our research insights have led to a wide spread clinical use of orthobiologics in veterinary medicine especially in horses and dogs, suffering from pain and similar degenerative signs as humans. The companion animal market is constantly growing and displaying a comparable demographic change in pets as in humans. An allover improved care for animals (e.g. exercise, nutrition, medicine) leads to a constant increase of age in the population enabling a longer use in sports, work and companionship. Age related diseases are becoming more common and a need for therapeutic options that are effective and safe define a new value.

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