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Drogen- und Spritze

Targeted. Autologous. Physiological.

Orthogen's milestones of research and development:

Uniting aspects of regenerative medicine and biomolecular science

Discovering the significance of biomolecular changes as fundamental mechanisms in many diseases of different specializations and tissue aging

Harnessing autologous mechanisms and effector molecules with the intent to address the underlying causes of diseases to relieve their symptoms

Providing targeted treatment approaches to patients in need

Translating discovered insights and expanding our research fields from orthopedics to chronic pain conditions, autoimmune diseases, aesthetics, veterinary and others in pipeline.

We co-pioneered the discovery and importance of biomolecular and biochemical as underlying key mechanisms. These processes are universal and generally apply to tissue aging as well as pathologies –independent of tissue and disease type– such as oncologic, cardiovascular, autoimmune, dermatologic and orthopedic diseases.


With these insights, we want to deliver novel causal treatment approaches that aim to restore homeostasis by targeting the underlying disease process and not only the management of symptoms.

At Orthogen, we pursue unique technologies and methods, different from PRP, stem cells and autologous plasma.  

Paramount to our research is the development of universal platform technologies that incorporate methods engaging the potential of the body’s-own immune system, stimulating and harvesting autologous mediators, such as growth factors and cytokines. These methods are characterized by the totality of mediators released by cells of the immune system with the goal to utilize these mediators as therapeutic effector molecules providing long-term effects on major clinical parameters.

We seek to continuously innovate and optimize our methods and universal platform technologies to follow these principles. At the same time, we strive to expand our research and development applications into a broad range of diseases and conditions.

Embryonische Stammzellen

Our research span the following fields:


Degenerative Spine diseases

Shoulder impingement

Meniscus tears

Muscle and tendon pathologies

Autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew’s disease)

Tissue Aging



Pigment disorder

Meniere's disease

Dry Eye Syndrome

Hay fever


For the purpose of research, we successfully worked or cooperated with the following institutions amongst others:

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