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Frau am Strand


Transferring molecular research insights into novel skin applications.

Skin aging, like aging of any tissue, is a complex and multifactorial process. The biological clock impacts the skin as it does in internal organs and joints. This chronobiological aging is impacted by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.


Intrinsic skin aging is genetically regulated and is a natural process. Similar to orthopedic conditions, key drivers for skin aging are oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Extrinsic factors like sunlight, smoking and nutrition lead to further oxidative stress and inflammation and promote the aging process. Intrinsic aging is characterized by thin, pallid and dry skin with fine wrinkles, whereas photo-aged skin due to sun exposure results in coarse and deep wrinkling, rough texture, loss of elasticity and irregular pigmentation.

Inflammation and oxidative stress play a decisive role in dermatologic diseases and skin aging, which we try to counteract.

Goals in dermal treatment are comparable to orthopedic treatments and include the reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress and the promotion of collagen formation, thereby providing a durable rejuvenating dermal effect.

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