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Pioneers in Molecular and
Autologous Medicine

Our Vision

Changing the way we age.

Enhancing the way we live.

Who we are

Orthogen AG is a privately held, research-based biotech company, founded in Düsseldorf, Germany. Orthogen has developed patented medical platform technologies that are standardized and simple to use for targeted therapies in the field of autologous and regenerative medicine. These proprietary applications span various research areas, including orthopedics, veterinary medicine and aesthetics.

Our Mission

Orthogen's mission is to discover, develop and deliver novel therapies to address unmet needs in chronic diseases resulting from inflammation, oxidative stress and tissue injury.



of research in molecular and autologous medicine



with the help of our platform technologies worldwide


scientific publications & academic theses

about our approaches in international scientific journals or universities

For the purpose of research, we successfully worked or cooperated with the following institutions amongst others:

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Medical Fields

Medical Fields

With our core molecular technologies, we continue to develop new clinical indications.


Pain Management



Dedicated to research, we strive for new approaches with the anticipation to alter the course of medicine and deliver concrete solutions in the best interest of the patient.

Peter Wehling, MD, PhD
CEO and Founder of Orthogen AG

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